One Simple Life Hack for Low Vision and Blind Living

Picture of digital tools

There are so many tasks that I do each day that require sight. So many simple everyday actions that require a glance to hit the right button or set the dial to the right location. Without sight starting the coffee maker or setting the time on the microwave can seem almost impossible. Especially with modern digital appliances, all the buttons are flat and have no way of finding the right button by touch. As with every area in my life, when I find myself facing an obstacle, I evaluate the situation and find a solution.

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A Simple 2 Ingredient Fall Treat

candy corn

With pumpkin everything, is it possible to find a fall treat that doesn’t include the orange vegetable?

Why, yes! Yes, it is possible, and I can’t wait for you to try it!  This simple 2 ingredient treat is sure to please everyone………ok, maybe not everyone, but it will surprise many on just how unexpectedly delicious it is. In fact, once you start munching on this treat, you won’t want to quit.

Simply mix equal parts Candy Corn and Salted Peanuts. Mix them well and place them in your favorite candy dish. The two come together in the perfect balance of salty and sweet. You won’t be able to stop munching! Keep a bowl of this in your home, on your desk at the office or in the break room. It will be a treat everyone will love!

For a simple party favor or fall gift, fill a mason jar with the tasty mix. Tie some ribbon or twine on the jar and wala, an inexpensive, festive and delicious gift.

Happy munching!


This Blind Mom’s 3 Must Haves for Homeschool

journal and coffee cup

In 2016, when we decided to start homeschooling our boys, never one time did I think I would get asked the question, “How can you homeschool blind?” There were tons of other questions I anticipated, and I’ve been asked many of those as well. The common questions about social skills, grade cards, testing and college. Never once did I anticipate the question about homeschooling blind.  Yet, this is the most common question and it gets asked at almost every conversation where we reveal we are a homeschool family. In some cases this question is asked because there is an assumption that a blind person is incompetent, lacking the ability to do what a sighted person can do.

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5 Quick Marriage Tips

Picture of Stasia and David Giles

Happy Anniversary to my husband, David, of 21 years! 21 years of doing life together! Two kids, two guide dogs, four pound puppies, one unofficially adopted son, four homes and four ministry positions. 7,665 days of loving, learning, living, growing, sharing, and laughing!  Every moment of our life together, the good, the bad and the ugly, has brought us to here, where we are today and it’s right where I want to be!

One of our favorite things to do in ministry is pre-marriage counseling.

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The Fear of Falling

Picture of coffee and laptop

What do I fear most about sight loss? Over the years my answer has changed just as my vision has decreased. I can honestly say that I am at a place in my life where I have no fear in being blind. It is just the reality of my life. I have a choice to limit myself and miss out on the fun or I could just look past what I can’t see and do all the fun stuff anyways.  More often than not, I just go for it! I have 4 other senses that work perfectly and allow me to enjoy people and the world around me.

Don’t misunderstand my choice to live life to the fullest with an idea that being blind isn’t challenging. I live in a world that is for the sighted. From the beauty of the land to the menu at my favorite restaurant, sight is required. However, I have to overcome the requirement of sight and find a different way to participate. A lot of times it is through the eyes

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“You Don’t Look Blind?”

Picture of Stasia with her mom.

You don’t look blind.” Ah, yes, I hear it almost every time I am out in public. Usually the conversation starts with questions about my guide dog. Many think I am training him, because I “just don’t look blind.” I’ve even been accused of being “to pretty” to be blind. Hmmmm, really? What does blind even look like?

I get it. I understand the question. I know why people are asking. We expect a blind person to wear dark glasses at all times, or to have eyes that stare into the distance. Although that

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