This Blind Mom’s 3 Must Haves for Homeschool

journal and coffee cup

In 2016, when we decided to start homeschooling our boys, never one time did I think I would get asked the question, “How can you homeschool blind?” There were tons of other questions I anticipated, and I’ve been asked many of those as well. The common questions about social skills, grade cards, testing and college. Never once did I anticipate the question about homeschooling blind.  Yet, this is the most common question and it gets asked at almost every conversation where we reveal we are a homeschool family. In some cases this question is asked because there is an assumption that a blind person is incompetent, lacking the ability to do what a sighted person can do.

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My iPhone and Voiceover

If I could have only 1 piece of accessibility equipment, hands down I would pick my iPhone.  Oh sure, most Americans today couldn’t live without their smartphones.  When we find ourselves without our phone we panic and seem to forget how to function.    I recently had a friend tell me that her phone had stopped working and due to some confusion with her phone company, she was without a phone for a week.  She said she had to shake herself and get a grip because she was feeling anxious when she realized she didn’t have her phone after leaving home. She is in her sixties and she has lived over half her life without a cell phone, she could certainly make it a few days, right?

The single most important accessibility feature on my phone is Voiceover.  The iPhone comes with this feature built right into the phone, all you need

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