Day 25: Indulging Without Self Control – Proverbs 25

“Do you like honey? Don’t eat to much or it will make you sick.” Proverbs 25:16 (NLT)

“It’s not good to eat to much honey, and it’s not good to seek honors for yourself. A person without self-control is like a city with broken down walls.: Proverbs 25:27-28 (NLT)

I didn’t really think much about these 2 verses. I like honey, but it’s never been something I indulge on. But then, I checked out this Proverb in The Message, and well, it got my attention.

“When your given a box of candy, don’t gulp it all down. Eat to much chocolate and you’ll make your self sick.” Proverbs 25:16 (The Message)

“It’s not smart to stuff yourself with sweets, nor is glory piled on glory good for you. A person without self-control is like a house with it’s doors and windows knocked out.” Proverbs 25:27-28 (The Message)

I’m like, wait! What! Too much chocolate? Really? It can make me sick? I mean, we are talking about chocolate! I really love chocolate, especially dark chocolate… mmmmmmmmm!

Ok, so here’s the thing, these verses are not saying honey, sweets and chocolate are bad. They are telling us the indulgence, with no self-control is the problem. I’ve been there and indulged on warm chocolate chip cookies, Sun Drop Pound Cake, gourmet chocolates and well, I could go on and on. I know that when I eat these things with no self-control, I will feel bad later. And isn’t it just like my sinful nature to say, “It’s worth feeling bad because those cookies were so good!” Really? What am I thinking?

I need to heed this wisdom for my life. I know there are foods that are not good for me. They may taste good in the moment, but they bring harm to my physical health. It may not be evident right away, but the effects of indulging will catch up to me.

This speaks to me today on a couple different levels. First, there is a definite warning here to not indulge on sweets. And I know scientifically and because of experience that to much sugar is harmful to my physical health. And secondly, this thought that the later pain is worth the immediate pleasure. That is sin.

I know that I’ve allowed this lack of self-control effect what I eat. Where else have I allowed the pleasure in the moment justify the effects of the sin?

Forgive me Lord for indulging and for a lack of self-control. Forgive me for justifying sin in my life. I pray today for more revelation in my life about where I’m lacking self-control. And I pray today for an increase in self-control. Amen.

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