John 15: Surrender to the Pruning

“He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit and He prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.” John 15:2 (NLT)

This verse can easily be a verse I want to pass by. Sometimes the process of pruning can be difficult. The parts of me that are not fruit bearing may be difficult to let go because I like the control I have or it’s because it caters to my insecurities. I can find a sense of comfort in control and in my self. Then, there are those branches that are producing fruit that He comes to prune. I don’t like this process, because what is happening is working, so don’t take it away.

And now I read what I just wrote and I’m like, duh Stasia, pruning brings health. So why do you want to avoid a process that brings health and fruitfulness to your life? I think it’s the action of fully surrendering ALL to Him. Giving Him complete access to all my heart and releasing my hold. Yep, it’s all about control. I want to decide and hold on to those things He is wanting to prune.

Now as I write, I’m thinking of health that comes from pruning. And I desire health in my life. I want to be a woman who serves, loves and leads from a place of health. I know giving Him full control in this process won’t always be easy, but the results will be more than I can hope or imagine. I want to surrender it all!

I pray today for the process of pruning. I pray for an awareness of the pruning. I pray for a whole surrender to His process. And as I sit here I feel an excitement rise up, and great anticipation of the work He is doing in my life. Lord, I release my hold and surrender all to you. Amen


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4 thoughts on “John 15: Surrender to the Pruning”

  1. John 15:18
    If the world hates you, you know that it hated me before it hated you.

    I am such a people pleaser. I don’t like for people to not like me or be mad at me. This becomes extremely difficult when I’m a manager particularly in a world that has become more self serving with each day. I have to remember that I’m a manager when it comes to work and if people aren’t doing their jobs then it’s up to me to correct them. Which normally means that person is not going to like me. I have done pretty well at balancing this aspect of my life but it still hurts when people say untrue things about you. Especially those you have tried to help and give every benefit of doubt yet they still don’t perform at the standards that are set.
    My struggle is to not having hurt feelings when I know I’ve done all I can to help someone and they still don’t succeed. But they also think wrongly of you because they don’t know the me outside of the manager at work. Like Jesus said the world hated him before they hated you. He even goes on later in the chapter to say that they hated Him without cause. That really struck a cord with me. Jesus, He was perfect, there was no wrong found in Him yet people hated Him. This was such a good reminder for me. Truth is people are people. There are some good and there are some bad. People will let you down, they will do and say things that aren’t always right. I just need to search my heart and ensure my motives are pure. If they are, then I just have to accept some people will just not like me. If they aren’t, then it’s up to me to seek forgiveness for the wrong and make things right.

    • Thanks for this. It’s a great reminder for me. My life is so full of amazing people, but I will often focus and stress about the one who doesn’t want relationship with me. I will replay it all over and over, waht could I have done or said differntly? I will put all the responsibility on myself. I like waht you said at the end, “I just need to serch my heart and ensure my motives are pure. If they are, then I just have to accept some people will just not like me.” Often, there will be nothing I can do.

  2. Stasia, I loved what you said a/b the pruning. We grow so comfortable with how things are in our life. And even if we think that we are the type that Loves change…we don’t like to change things a/b our selves! Changing means work & discipline! 😝 But just like you pointed out change also means new growth! Newness brings excitement…so, when I’m being pruned, I just need to remember that there may be some discomfort, and maybe even pain. But if I will just hold on…exciting times are coming!🙌🏻

  3. I, too hate the pruning process, But when the new growth comes, it is awesome. Like the saying goes, No pain, No gain. So, we have to go through some pain, to gain strength and change. Thank you Jesus you help us through this process.


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