John 19: It Is Finished

“It is finished!  Then He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.”  John 19:30  (NLT)

Jesus was arrested and taken to Pilate.  They flogged Him with a lead tip whip.  They put a crown of thorns on His head and they mocked Him.  They cried, “Crucify Him!”  He carried His cross and they led him to Golgotha where they hung Him to the cross.  It was there that He made the final sacrifice for my sin.  He said “it is finished.”

It was in that moment that the payment was made for my sin.  It was in that moment that Jesus made a way for me.  It’s because of this moment I have access to the Father.  He gave His life so I could have life.  His life for mine.   It’s because of this moment that I have hope that surpasses anything here on this earth.

May I never forget this moment. May I never loose sight of the price He paid for my life.  May I always take sin seriously and surrender all to Him.  I will never be able to say thank you enough for the forgiveness He freely gives me.  Lord, I stand amazed at all you have done.

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3 thoughts on “John 19: It Is Finished”

  1. Reading this chapter again is such a reminder of the unimaginable pain that Jesus endured to pay for my sin and the sin of the whole world that He created and so loved. I don’t ever want to take it for granted because of familiarity with the crucifixion story. Lord help me to read this often, not just around Easter time! It challenges me to see what unconditional love really looks like and humbles me to be willing to forgive as He has forgiven me. It changes my perspective on some of the petty grievances I get hung up on at times and softens my heart.

    I was touched that after all he had endured, that Jesus thought about his mother and wanted her to know that He had provided someone to care for her. And “when he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished”. He had persevered and fulfilled every detail that the Father had required for full payment for the sins of all man for all time. And then He bowed His head and “GAVE UP his spirit. He let us know that He willingly died, no one took his life from him against His will. Lord, help me to lay down my life for others. Help me to daily ask you to fill me with Your love so that Your love can flow through me to everyone. That kind of agape love can only happen by your Holy Spirit in me. Lord I Thank you for freeing me from the bondage of sin and giving me abundant life now and the promise of eternal life with You in eternity!

  2. “It is Finished” It was a turning point for us all. That’s when he died for all of our sins. That’s when he made a way for us to be with him for all eternity. Thank you Jesus for such a sacrifice. Thank you Jesus you made the way for us all. All we have to do is choose it. May we all choose life with you forever since you made the way for us. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.


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