One Simple Life Hack for Low Vision and Blind Living

There are so many tasks that I do each day that require sight. So many simple everyday actions that require a glance to hit the right button or set the dial to the right location. Without sight starting the coffee maker or setting the time on the microwave can seem almost impossible. Especially with modern digital appliances, all the buttons are flat and have no way of finding the right button by touch. As with every area in my life, when I find myself facing an obstacle, I evaluate the situation and find a solution.

One simple and inexpensive life hack are these bumpons.  They have proved themselves to be very helpful in the kitchen and office. They are similar to these Bump Dots that come in a variety of colors and sizes. The bumpons that I use are clear in color and I get more of them for less. IF you have some usable vision the Bump Dots might be of more interest to you because of the bright color options, , you might like the color contrast they provide. However, in my case, I only need to be able to find them by touch. The Self Adhesive Clear Rubber Bumpons   are a perfect fit for my needs and budget.

How I use the Self Adhesive Clear Rubber Bumpons 100 piece ::

  • I use them on all the major appliances in the kitchen. There are adhesive bumpons on the 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 on the microwave’s number panel. I also have an adhesive humpon on the Start, Clear, Timer and 30 Second buttons. Since I’ve memorized the approximate location of each of these buttons, they are super simple to find with the raised adhesive bumpon.
  • There are 3 buttons on my refrigerator . for ice, water and crushed ice. I have an adhesive bumpon on the left button for water and the right button for crushed ice. The middle button is for ice and is easy to find because it is directly between the two bumpons.
  • There is one adhesive bumpon on the Start button on the dishwasher. I keep the dishwasher set to “Normal Wash.” I load it, lock it and press start.
  • My oven has a dial for the temperature. I have one bumpn located at the 350 degree mark. From there I can turn it up or down to get the desired tempature.
  • I have bumpons located strategically on specific keys on my laptop. Because I use lots of shortcut commands I need to access certain keys quickly. I have a bumpon on the F5, the 1, 5 and 9, the , Q and the “[.” These are specific keys I use regularly and are alos located to other keys I ned to find quickly without sight.
  • I use them on vitamin and perscription bottles. The number of bumpons on the lid is the number of pills I need to take. The bumpons on the side of the bottle tell me how many times a day to take the vitamin or pill.

Bumpons can be used almost anywhere. If there is something you need to have quick access to or to identify with just a touch, a bumpon or two may just be the solution. These bumpons are a great solution for those who have low vision, deteriorating vision or even sudden vision loss and have not yet learned how to read braille.

Sight loss is definitely inconvenient and can complicate simple everyday tasks. However, it will only limit you if you allow it. Each day is a new opportunity to get over it! You are not limited by your sight loss, you just get to be more creative! And remember, you can do almost anything a sighted person can, only better because you can do it with your eyes closed!


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