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Life Through the Eyes of a Blind Lady

Pictured Stasia and David GilesI’m a 40-something wife, mom and pastor! I manage the day to day of our home life. I plan meals, cook, clean, keep up with the laundry….well, i try to keep up with laundry, homeschool our 2 boys, work a part time job and now I'm a blogger. A mostly normal life, except I’m legally blind.

At the age of 8 I was diagnosed with a macular degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigamentosis (RP). Early in my life this disease effected my night vision and my peripheral vision. In my early 20’s i began to lose some center vision and decided driving wasn’t a good idea. It was during my late 30’s that my vision began to deteriorate rapidly. I can no longer recognize faces or read any kind of print. I can see some shapes and colors, but if I do not know what I am looking at I am not able to figure it out by sight.

I am stubborn, strong willed and independent. I refuse to allow blindness to keep me from living life how I want to live! I face life’s challenges head on and at full speed! My fast paced personality leaves me with lots of spilled coffee, an occasional crash and lots of laughs!

Here at Not by Sight Insight I hope to inspire you to overcome whatever obstacles life throws at you. I want to share with you how my faith and trust in Jesus give me insight to walk out life not by sight, but with great vision! I want to share with you the many accessibility tools that make me feel less blind! I love to read and I want to share with you my thoughts on some of my favorite books and how I read them! You’ll get the scoop on the good, bad and ugly of a day in the life of a blind lady! And oh, the goodness of my sweet guide dog and the many adventures we embark on!

Insight from My Blog

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