Day 17: Love Prospers – Proverbs 17

Day 17 picture of shell on beach

“Love prospers when a fault is forgiven but dwelling on it separates’ close friends.” Proverbs 17:9

Forgiveness allows love to grow. When I choose to not forgive and dwell on the fault, I cause there to be a division or disunity. Separation occurs, separation from others and separation from God. I get to make the choice; to love or to dwell on the fault before me?

Oh, how I want to see love prosper. I want to see it prosper in my life, in my family, in my neighborhood, my community, in the nation and in the world. Love from Christ will heal and restore all that is broken. His love is the answer we are all looking for. It’s the one thing that can make all the difference.

I don’t always get it. Sometimes it’s difficult to process what I’m seeing or experiencing. At times I can’t understand what I’m feeling. But, it’s the love of my Father that grounds me, comforts me and gives me hope and purpose. I make a choice to not dwell on the fault, but to allow love to heal and restore.

I cannot allow what I see, what others say or the uncertainty of it all take center stage in my life. Christ must be my center. His love must be my one thing! And it’s in this one thing, His love, that I can find peace, hope and the courage to love beyond my ability.

I’m so thankful for His love that overwhelms me, for His forgiveness that has saved me and for His presence that fills me. I pray today for divine moments to love those around me. I pray for a supernatural ability to extend forgiveness and love in ways that change my life and others lives around me. Lord, open my eyes and my heart to see every person the way you see them. Let your love for them flow through me and out of me. Lord, I pray to be an ambassador of your love to all people, all the time. Amen.

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