Day 3: Which Way? – Proverbs 3

Picture for Day 3 two roads going different directions

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do and He will show you which path to take.”
Proverbs 3:5-6

I can’t get through Proverbs 3 without writing about these 2 verses, they are my life verses! Everything in my life comes back to this, trusting Him with everything. Letting go of what I know, or rather, what I think I know, fixing my focus on Him and waiting for His direction for my life. WORKS EVERY TIME!

First, I must trust Him. Trust He has a plan and purpose for me. Trust that He will not let me down. Trust that what He has for me is far better than what is accomplished by my own hand or by the ways of this world. So, I ask myself, do I trust Him? My answer, YES! Yes, I trust Him with all my heart.

Then, I must not look to my own understanding. Ha, easier said then done! We want to see it and we think if we can’t see it, well, then we won’t trust or believe it.  I face this very kind of thing every day living with physical blindness. So often I am having to trust and respond to what others are telling me. I cannot rely on my own sight, it is flawed, broken, distorted, and absent. This is often true in my trust of God’s leading and direction of my life. I can’t see what He can see. My sight is limited. I can’t rely on my own understanding.

So instead, I acknowledge Him in every area of my life. I seek Him in every decision. I look to Him for direction, provision, clarity, and instruction. There isn’t any part of my life that He isn’t available to work out for me. I accept His truth. I confess He exists, and His plans are greater and higher than anything I could dream or imagine.

And because I trust Him and accept His wisdom, He will show me which way to go! And that is for anything in my life.  The big stuff, the life altering decisions, those things that will affect my life and those around me. It’s also for the day to day decisions. Those things that come up daily in parenting, marriage, relationships and basic life stuff. He will give me wisdom and the right answer! He will show me which way to go!

I pray today for increase in my faith and trust in Christ. I pray for the Lord to reveal those areas of my life where I am not trusting Him. Amen.

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