“You Don’t Look Blind?”

Picture of Stasia with her mom.

You don’t look blind.” Ah, yes, I hear it almost every time I am out in public. Usually the conversation starts with questions about my guide dog. Many think I am training him, because I “just don’t look blind.” I’ve even been accused of being “to pretty” to be blind. Hmmmm, really? What does blind even look like?

I get it. I understand the question. I know why people are asking. We expect a blind person to wear dark glasses at all times, or to have eyes that stare into the distance. Although that

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In the Meantime

Picture of Stasia with West from school

Well, in just a few hours I will be boarding a plane to Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Yorktown Heights, NY. Over the next 19 days I will receive and train with a new guide dog. It’s hard to believe that it has been 10-1/2 years since I made this trip to receive my first guide dog, Duncan. But, here I am, packing and preparing to leave my family for almost the entire month of June! I’m really looking forward to having a guide dog again. The freedom to take a walk around the block by myself or stroll through the park with my family with no need for their assistance is something I’m looking forward to. It’s just a small piece of independence I get back thanks to a furry, 4 legged, tail wagging partner.

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