Day 23: What is My Motivation? – Proverbs 23

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“Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit. In the blink of an eye wealth disappears, for it will sprout wings and fly away like an eagle.” Proverbs 23:4-5 (NLT)

My first pass by this verse I thought of “get rich quick” ideas that are out there, you know, sell this product and never work another day in your life!! Or, get a high demand, high paying job so you can acquire lots of money and stuff, which makes you feel secure. But then as I read through this Proverb again, I thought something different. I thought more about why I do what I do? What career path I’ve chosen and what call and purpose I feel God has set before me.

Our society wants to relate wealth with success. If you have lots of money, then you are successful. And though in some sense it is true, you picked a career path and now live comfortably with no financial limits.

I wonder though today, if all my riches, my career, my finances and all the stuff I find comfort in were stripped away, what would be left? Verse 5 tells me that “in a blink of an eye wealth disappears.” I’m asking myself, what will be left?

I’m reminded of David’s sermon this past Sunday, he talked about Job. He was a man who “was blameless, a man of complete integrity, He feared God and stayed away from evil.” Job 1:1 (NLT) And even after He lost everything; his children, all his possessions, his health and his wife, he declared, “God might kill me, but I have no other hope.” Job 13:15 (NLT)

I’m asking myself these questions today; What motivates me? Where do I find my security and my hope? What is the things God has called me to? If it were all taken away “in the blink of an eye,’ what would be left? Could I stand like Job and declare that God is still my hope?

I believe that God is my provider. So why waste my time on things He hasn’t led me to? If I follow His path and direction for my life, I will lack nothing. I can’t let what others have draw me toward things God hasn’t called me to. It may go well, but will the fruit of my labor be lasting?

My prayer today is for wisdom in knowing the things God has called me to and knowing what things are wasting my time and taking my energy. I want to be someone like Job, blameless, full of integrity, reverent of God and avoid evil at all costs! I desire for my focus; my energy and my time be on those things that won’t fade away. Amen.

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Day 22: Listen and Apply – Proverbs 22

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“Listen to these words of the wise; apply your heart to my instruction. For it is good to keep these sayings in your heart and always ready on your lips. I am teaching you today, yes you, so you will trust in the Lord.” Proverbs 22:17-19 (NLT)

The Word is full of wisdom, insights and instruction for my life. The older I get and the more I read His Word, the more confident I am in saying there really is an answer for every need in my life. His Word truly is my instruction manual for life. But I can’t just read it, I must let it transform my heart and I must apply it.

Verse 18 tells me to always keep them ready. This says to me I may not know when I need the wisdom, but if I know it then I’ll be ready. Rady to respond to life situations in wisdom. I’ll be ready to make small of large decisions with wisdom. Knowing His Word, letting it penetrate and transform my heart gives me confidence and understanding and allows me to be successful in all parts of my life.

I must keep His Word before me, reading and studying it. I must give opportunity for His Word to speak to me daily reminding me of who He is and what His promises are. The Word of God must be the loudest voice and influence in my life.

Thank you, Lord, for your Word. Thank you for the wisdom you have for me on each page. I pray for understanding and insights to apply the instruction and direction it gives me. Help me to memorize it and keep it close to me so I’m ready. Amen.

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Day 21: A Quarrelsome Wife – Proverbs 21

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“It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home.” Proverbs 21:9 (NLT)

“It’s better to live alone in the desert than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife.” Proverbs 21:19 (NLT)

These 2 verses are pretty clear, it would be better to live in an attic or in the desert than to live with an angry, argumentative and complaining wife. How easy would it be for me to skip over these verses, because I don’t feel I’m a quarrelsome wife. And how easy it would be for me to just think I can make this a lesson for others. Instead I am choosing to meditate on these verses today and am asking the Lord to reveal the areas in my life that need attention, correction and healing.

Anger, an argumentative attitude and complaining are all symptoms of deeper issues. I may be completely frustrated and angry about the sink full of dishes and the messy counters and am not sorry about complaining to everyone about it! When the reality is that we just finished dinner, I’m actually just really tired because I’ve not been taking care of myself and I’ve said yes to, to many other things. And as a result, my husband and kids get an angry attitude and want to avoid me at all costs.

Comparison and unrealistic or undisclosed expectations can lead to an argumentative attitude, anger and much complaining. I must be aware and not allow my self to compare my life to others or to fairy tales. I also need to be real and honest with my expectations, after all, David isn’t a mind reader.

My heart’s desire is that my home is a haven of rest and a sanctuary of peace first and foremost for my husband and my boys. I’ve learned over the years that this doesn’t mean everything is always perfectly neat and in order. It’s doesn’t mean that every pillow is perfectly placed on each couch. Although cleanliness and order play a part in peace, it’s really more about the atmosphere, the conversations and the freedom to just be yourself.

Dear Lord, search my heart today. Reveal areas of my life that cause me to look to other things, to compare and to expect selfish things. Help me to be a wife who honors, loves and encourages my husband. Show me areas of unhealth in my life that need healing, areas that cause my life to be out of line with your plans and purposes for my life. Amen.

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Day 20: Double Standard – Proverbs 20

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“False weights and unequal measures; the Lord detests double standards of every kind.” Proverbs 20:10 (NLT)

“The Lord detests double standards; He is not pleased by dishonest scales.” Proverbs 20:23 (NLT)

It can be so easy to read the Word and pick the parts of Scripture that are about love, grace and forgiveness. I think it’s just my human nature to want to feel all warm and fuzzy all the time. Journaling about how good God is and all He is done for me is so important and has great value. But I can’t overlook the parts of Scripture that challenge me or convict me of sin. It’s the moments of repentance that I experience true transformation. If my true desire is to become more like Him, then I have to be willing to allow His Word to penetrate deep into all the corners of my heart.

As I read through Proverbs 20 the statement “the Lord detests double standards,” jumped out at me TWICE! And in all honesty, I didn’t want to journal on that today. I reread the chapter a couple more times trying to pick something different. But, “double standard” are the words that were speaking to me today.

I want to just say, “I’m good, no double standards here!” And though nothing may come to my mind in this moment, I feel challenged to search my heart and to allow the Lord to draw out the inconsistencies in my life. Where have I compromised my values and beliefs? Where have I allowed myself to accept less than what He has for me? Where have I allowed myself to sin, simply because it’s socially acceptable? Where in my life do, I walk out a double standard, saying I believe and have faith, but my actions, attitude, thoughts or my heart don’t reflect the same.

Lord, I’m praying today and asking you to search my heart and reveal areas of my life where I hold a double standard. I desire those things to be brought to the surface and for healing to come into my life. I pray for courage to face those inconsistencies allowing you to break strongholds and bring freedom. And I thank you for your grace and forgiveness. Amen.

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Day 19: Slow It Down – Proverbs 19

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“Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.” Proverbs 19:2 (NLT)

When my boys were little and would get a new toy, they would always be in a hurry to open it. If the toy required assembly, they would just hurry and try to get it together. I would tell them to slow down and let me help them. But they would be in a hurry and felt they could do it themselves. Sometimes it worked out fine for them. But other times the toy would not work properly because they hurried and didn’t put it together correctly. They were to young to read directions, besides reading directions would take extra time, so they just went for it! Their attempt at assembly would fail and it would leave them waiting longer for their dad or I to fix it. And there were times that their haste made it impossible to fix.

The boy’s excitement for the new toy was always understandable and as their mom I loved watching and listening to them experience new things. However, it was their lack of knowledge, and their hurried, “I want it right away,”, mindset that would sometimes cause issues. They were young and this was expected. As parents we tried to use these moments as learning experiences, slow down and be informed. I hope they got it!

I hope I get it! It can be so easy to get excited about something and just want to go full steam ahead! The plan or idea I may have is so amazing and I just know it’s from the Lord, so why not just go for it. Moving quickly into something can often go haywire. I must slow down to hear from the Lord, to gain wisdom and to plan according to His leading. My hurriedness can and will lead to mistakes. And when your headed to something exciting, who wants to deal with mistakes?

I pray today for wisdom to pause and listen in the moment. I pray my enthusiasm will first lead me to seek out wisdom, knowledge and the leading of the Holy Spirit. I pray for a “Red Flag” signal to alert me in hurried moments, so that I will pause and evaluate why I’m hurried. Hopefully then leaving me with the opportunity to slow down and get it right! Amen.

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Day 18: The Name of the Lord – Proverbs 18

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“The name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the Godly run to him and are safe.” Proverbs 18: 10 (NLT)

The name of the Lord, Jesus, there is power in that name. I can call His name and run to Him and there I find refuge, safety, peace and hope. I can simply speak His name in the darkness and the atmosphere changes.

I have Jesus, my refuge. I have Jesus, my peace and comfort. I have Jesus, my hope. I have Jesus, my deliverer. I have Jesus, my provider. I have Jesus, my joy. I have Jesus, my Savior! I have Jesus, the One I can run to.

I can’t comprehend His presence and power. I don’t even know how He is working and moving on my behalf. My mind cannot process the greatness of His name, Jesus. It’s by faith, at times a tiny bit of faith, that causes me to call on Him and to find refuge in His presence. He’s never let me down and I’m convinced He never will!

And, “Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me. Psalm 23:4 (NLT)

I don’t know what tomorrow holds. I don’t even know what this afternoon holds, but I know He never changes. His name, Jesus, is where I will find refuge and safety from the storms that arise. His promise that He will never leave me or abandoned me (Hebrews 13:5) rings true in my heart. I believe Him. I trust Him!

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Day 17: Love Prospers – Proverbs 17

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“Love prospers when a fault is forgiven but dwelling on it separates’ close friends.” Proverbs 17:9

Forgiveness allows love to grow. When I choose to not forgive and dwell on the fault, I cause there to be a division or disunity. Separation occurs, separation from others and separation from God. I get to make the choice; to love or to dwell on the fault before me?

Oh, how I want to see love prosper. I want to see it prosper in my life, in my family, in my neighborhood, my community, in the nation and in the world. Love from Christ will heal and restore all that is broken. His love is the answer we are all looking for. It’s the one thing that can make all the difference.

I don’t always get it. Sometimes it’s difficult to process what I’m seeing or experiencing. At times I can’t understand what I’m feeling. But, it’s the love of my Father that grounds me, comforts me and gives me hope and purpose. I make a choice to not dwell on the fault, but to allow love to heal and restore.

I cannot allow what I see, what others say or the uncertainty of it all take center stage in my life. Christ must be my center. His love must be my one thing! And it’s in this one thing, His love, that I can find peace, hope and the courage to love beyond my ability.

I’m so thankful for His love that overwhelms me, for His forgiveness that has saved me and for His presence that fills me. I pray today for divine moments to love those around me. I pray for a supernatural ability to extend forgiveness and love in ways that change my life and others lives around me. Lord, open my eyes and my heart to see every person the way you see them. Let your love for them flow through me and out of me. Lord, I pray to be an ambassador of your love to all people, all the time. Amen.

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Day 16: Plan for Success – Proverbs 16

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“We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer. People may be pure in their own eyes, but the Lord examines their motives. Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:1-3 (NLT)

I don’t know about anyone else, but I want to be successful. I want what I spend my time on to be something of worth. I’ve never started something and said, “I hope this all fails.” I’m a dreamer and a planner. I’m not sure those two go together, but somehow in my head they work together. I like to dream about what can be, the process and the results. And I can dream up some pretty awesome stuff!

Then, I’ve got to plan, plan, plan! In my head, I can dream the process from dream, to writing it down, to walking it out. After all that dreaming, I’ve got to take action. Sometimes I go with it and sometimes I leave it. And often this decision is based on the questions, “will it be successful?” Typically, I will evaluate if it is possible? IF it fits into my life? Is the outcome worth the work required? And of course, my insecurities kick in and I wonder if I am able and there is still part of me that worries what others will think and say.

I will continue to dream and plan, but I must leave room for God to speak into those plans and dreams. I must give Him the lead to direct, change or even veto my plans. I must keep my heart open to Him, trusting Him with my desires, fears and insecurities. And fully committing it all to Him. That is the formula to have success in all I do!

My prayer today is for continue dreams and plans led by the Holy Spirit. I pray for new and fresh vision. I open my heart for God to bring healing and to impart His desires and purposes. I pray I will succeed in all I do because I’m committing all my plans to Him. Amen.

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Day 15: Many Advisors – Proverbs 15

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“Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisors bring success.” Proverbs 15:22

Several years ago we had the opportunity to spend 2 days at Disney World. We were all very excited and we counted down the days until we would be at the “Happiest Place on Earth!” We had no idea what we were about to embark on, and we didn’t really have any kind of plan. After all, it was Disney World, surely, we would have plenty of opportunity for fun! There were moments of fun and we did enjoy many of the park’s attractions. Unfortunately, our overall experience left us with really no desire to go back.

I have since learned that a successful trip to Disney World takes some planning. There are plenty of things to entertain and excite you in every park. It wasn’t Disney’s fault that our trip was just “meh.” We failed to plan and we spent lots of time trying to figure out where to go next. If I would have sought out advise from those who have already been, I could have been more informed. I would have learned what to do and what not to do. We would have been able to compile all the advice and create a plan.

Often, I have a task ahead of me and I just want to get through the process. Some things I can accomplish without any instruction or advice. Now in our world of technology and online everything, I can just Google it! I read tons of reviews before buying a product, especially for things that cost a little more. I’m looking for the advice so I can make the best and right choice.

It’s so important that I seek out advice in all the major areas of my life. In parenting, finances, marriage, ministry and for sure about trips to Disney! Asking questions and learning what works and what doesn’t work.Getting wisdom from those who have been successful and have learned from their failures. I must also recognize that not all advice is good advice, that is why I need many advisors.

Thank you, Lord, today for this Word to seek out wisdom for a successful plan. Your desire it that I am successful, and you always put the right people in my life at the right time. Thank you, Lord, for those you have put in my life to shape me and lead me in your ways. Amen.

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Day 14: Sift and Weigh Every Word – Proverbs 14

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“There’s a way of life that looks harmless enough; look again, it leads straight to hell. Sure, those people appear to be having a good time, but all that laughter will end in heartbreak. Sift and weigh every word.” Proverbs 14:12-13 (The Message)

Sin can look harmless. It can be accepted and even enjoyed by those around me. It can be very tempting to just do what everyone else is doing. If everyone else seems to be doing it and they seem to be ok, then maybe? “Look again,” the verse says, this way of life will lead to heartbreak. Most definitely my heart break and God’s heartbreak. The New Living Translation says this path will lead to death!

I chose The Message paraphrase because I like what it says at the end of verse 13, “Sift and weigh every word.” The Word of God MUST be my plumb line. Everything I do, each action I take must line up with what it says. I can’t pick and choose what I like and leave out what I don’t like. Those around me, society and culture don’t determine what is sin.

My only defense against the trap of sin is to know God’s Word. I must be in it continually, keeping it close to me. Following its instruction won’t always be the popular choice. It may mean that I have to go against the grain. My life will look different. His Word will always lead me and direct me in the right way. I must trust what it says.

Thank you, Lord, that you are for me and not against me. Thank you that your Word will always provide the answers I am looking for. Today I pray you will increase my understanding of your Word and strengthen my faith to always follow its commands. Amen.

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