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I’m inviting you today to join me in Journaling Through John.

Whether you have read it before or have never opened the book, join me in discovering the greatest love story ever told! Read the Bible for yourself and find out just what it says!

Each week day during September I will be reading a chapter in John and I will post my journal entry. It won’t be a deep theological break down of the entire chapter. It’s my journal entry, what I feel the Lord is speaking to me for that day in that chapter. It may be a word, a phrase a verse or several verses. It’s a word for me for that day.

If you want to join me, subscribe to Journaling Through John and you’ll receive my post in your inbox each week day morning. I’m leaving Saturday and Sunday open so you can catch up or review some of the chapters from the previous week. Then, I would love it if you would share your thoughts and what you feel God is speaking to you in the comments below that days post. These comments are so encouraging and helpful to me and to others who are joining in. (Please note; There will not be a Facebook Group for this session of Journaling.)

Please don’t hesitate to forward this webpage to your friends, inviting them on this journey of Journaling Through John. I’m looking forward to growing with you in our understanding of the Word and what Christianity is really all about!

You can sign up here:

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